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We build our Truck Bodies with the same premium quality, high-end finish and signature look that the other products in our range come with. Quality and durability are number one when designing and building our bodies, giving you peace of mind despite whatever job you may throw at it. They fact they look great is a bonus!

Specializing in the light truck market, we can build Table Tops, Service Bodies and can work with you to custom design the perfect setup for your purpose. Working with key suppliers we can assist with all lifting solutions for your build, whether you need body mounted cranes, truck mounted cranes or tailgate lifters, we can look after your lift needs.


Large canopies, toolboxes and service bodies are built to a high standard within short lead times and are fully customizable.

Options include but aren’t limited to:

  • Drop sideboards

  • Water tanks

  • Underbody Toolboxes

  • Gates

  • Handrails and Enclosed Steps

  • Clearance lights and flashing beacons

  • Ladder racks

  • Much more!

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