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A Chassis Mount Canopy with all the options boxes ticked!

Last week Chris brought his N80 Hilux over from Newcastle to be fitted with one of our custom Chassis Mount Canopies. Packed with features, this Canopy had been built to the Clients specifications to give him a package that will suit his needs exactly.

The spec list includes:

-Aluminium Chassis Mount Canopy

-1500mmL Rear Pullout Draw

-Canero Tourer Undertray Tapered Toolboxes

-Quarter Dog Box with additional blanking plate to seal door perforations and Stainless Steel Pullout Bench underneath

-Custom made underbody stainless steel water tank

-Finished in Graphite

-Internal dividing walls

-Compartment for Upright Fridge

-Drawer and Bench on Drivers Side, with notched wall in the drawer (to allow easy access for those on the short side!)

-Concealed battery storage compartment behind drawer on drivers side

-Swing open electrical panel above concealed batteries

-Full-length Roof Platform

Overall one very tidy Canopy package!

In the market for a Canopy built to suit your needs? Call us today to discuss your ideas with us📞

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