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Another 2021 Hilux in for a Classic Tray!

These new Hilux's have been the flavour of the month! This time its Shawn's tidy 2021 SR5 out the door with a new Tray.

Powdercoated in Aztec Silver with plenty of Ring Polished Stainless extra's, this one is going to turn a few heads for sure. Being a builder our client needed as much storage space as possible, so 4 x Toolboxes, a Trundle Tray and a Ladder Rack were bolted on, giving him ample room. All Undertray Toolboxes and the Floor are Aluminium as well to help keep weight down. Topping the build off is our Premium Headboard with its integrated Fuel Filler. Easily one of the nicest Hilux Trays we have built!

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