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Custom Service Body: GWIC Fleet Project

Updated: Jun 7

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) recently partnered with Canero Industries to enhance their fleet of ten Hilux vehicles with custom service bodies. GWIC needed canopies that would withstand the rigours of their demanding field operations and provide versatile, durable solutions for at least ten years. Pulling together ideas from the Fleet Manager to the end user, we were able to design and provide three different Service Body Models that will increase efficiency and employee satisfaction for years to come!

Custom service body for fleet vehicles

Key Features/Needs

When the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) approached us, they needed custom canopies for their fleet of Hilux vehicles that would outlast the vehicle itself and be transferable to the next one. Durability and longevity were paramount, with a minimum requirement of ten years of hard use. This was no small ask, but we were up to the challenge.

What Made Canero Stand Out?

Canero Industries has built a reputation as an honest manufacturer dedicated to creating exactly what our clients need. This transparency and commitment are “hard to find in the market”, making us a standout choice for GWIC. Additionally, being a country manufacturer resonated with GWIC, who appreciated the quality and reliability that comes from local craftsmanship.

How Will the Canopy Help on the Job?

The custom canopy designed for GWIC is not just about durability; it’s also about functionality. The design includes ample accessibility and extensive storage, which are crucial for the demanding needs of their jobs. The addition of an awning provides much-needed shade and shelter, enhancing on-site convenience and comfort. For GWIC, whose mission involves regular field visits and welfare checks, having a reliable and functional service body is essential.

What the Build Included

This Custom Service Body build for GWIC’s fleet involved several key features, ensuring that every requirement was met. This particular example included the following features:

  • Full-time Aluminium Canopy with Rear Tapered Toolboxes & Rear Canopy Door: This robust setup ensures maximum storage and easy access to tools and equipment.

  • 60L Under-tray Water Tank & 12V Water Pump: Essential for maintaining hygiene and providing water on demand during field operations.

  • Rear Trundle Drawer & Trundle Tray Lift-up Lid: Provides additional storage space and easy access to frequently used items.

  • Passenger & Driver Side Module Drawer Systems: Organised storage solutions that keep tools and equipment secure and accessible.

  • Pull-Out Bench Underneath Front Passenger-Side Drawer: A convenient workspace that can be deployed whenever needed.

  • 270-Degree Freestanding Awning & 3 Tier Pull Out Storage System: Offers extensive coverage and versatile storage options for various equipment.

  • 400W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Ensures a reliable power supply for tools and devices.

  • Remounted Reverse Camera: Enhances safety and visibility when manoeuvring the vehicle.

  • Powder-coated in Hilux “Glacier White”: Matches the vehicle perfectly, maintaining a professional and cohesive look.

CANERO Custom Service Bodies

Canero Industries delivered a custom service body for GWIC’s fleet that combines durability, functionality, and local craftsmanship. This custom canopy not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of GWIC’s operations, ensuring they are well-equipped for any job for years to come. With this setup, GWIC can continue their mission of ensuring the welfare and integrity of greyhounds across the region with confidence and efficiency.


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