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Heres one for the TD Crowd!

Here's something a bit different from the usual Cruisers and Hiluxes we normally have come through the workshop!

The Patrol received an update recently with our Tourer Tray going on the back of it, with a few little modifications. At the rear a custom exhaust was made by Mitch at Full Peno Fab which came up unreal. Twin 4inch pipes exiting beside the licence plate definitely turns a few heads. A custom square Headboard was fabricated up the front, while the twin fuel fillers and water tank tap were located in front of the wheels. Our Tourer Toolboxes were included at the rear, always handy for ropes and straps. A 5mm Aluminium Floor was used to save weight while also looking great.

Building a Ute and want to stand out from the crowd? Give us a call to discuss your ideas!

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