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How clean is this 79 Series Landcruiser!

Last weekend we fitted of this custom Aluminium Canopy to Clem's exceptionally tidy 79 Series.

Built for touring it's fitted out internally with all he needs to get out and about, including two large drawers, adjustable shelves, a MSA Drop Slide and our signature Ring Polished Stainless Steel Bench. We have made allowance for adjustable shelves to be fitted above the fridge at a later date. The two tone powdercoated finish (hammertone body and silver doors) match nicely withthe rest of the colour scheme on the ute. Up top we mounted his solar panel and Darche 270 degree awning for him. He will be completing the 12V fitout himself, can't wait to see it finished!


On a side note we won't be building Canopies to match non-Canero trays any longer. We will still sell canopies seperate to our Trays, however they will match our Headboard shape only!


If you are in the market for a Tray and Canopy and want to stand out from the crowd give us a call on 1300 912 917 today!

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