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One of the nicest builds we have worked on!

There is just something about Merlot Cruisers! Luke bought his brand new Single Cab 79 up from Geelong last week for a new Tray, this thing is going to be the nicest work ute in Victoria when its finished.

Going for a brushed stainless theme over against our traditional ring polished stainless, it came up a treat alongside the Gloss Black and Merlot components.

The Canopy had the external tool drawers on the drivers side and plenty of room for his fridge on the other side, with twin spare carriers being behind it. Toolboxes were bolted underneath at each corner ensuring there was plenty of storage for a work ute. The Double Premium Headboard had a Diesel Tank concealed inside allowing him to travel that much further between stops.

Without a doubt one of the tidiest setups we have built!

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