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Our first Silverado 1500 Tray!

Updated: Jun 7

One very tidy Canero Tray and Canopy build has been fitted to our first Silverado 1500! Loaded with extras, there's no doubt this bad boy is going to stand out wherever it goes


Premium RHS Headboard:

Our 100mm x 100mm RHS headboard isn’t just tough; it also comes with integrated STEDI lighting all around. This ensures you have excellent visibility no matter where you are.

Steel Frame with Aluminium Floor:

The tray is constructed with a strong steel frame and an aluminium floor, making it both durable and lightweight. It’s built to last in the tough Australian conditions.

60L Water Tank:

We’ve included a 60L water tank, perfect for those long camping trips and for touring. Stay hydrated whether you’re on the job or off the beaten path.

Four Underbody Toolboxes:

Need storage? No problem. Four underbody toolboxes give you plenty of space to keep your tools & gear secure and out of the way.

Rear Trundle Drawer with Dust-Sealing Lid:

The trundle drawer features a dust-sealing lid, ensuring your equipment stays clean and protected from the elements, no matter how rugged the track gets. This is perfect for those muddy off-roading trips.

Standard "520 Series" Tail Lights:

All of our American truck trays, including this one, come standard with "520 Series" tail lights. These lights provide excellent illumination and look pretty sweet too.


This canopy is designed to be lightweight and easy to remove, giving you flexibility for different tasks. It’s practical and straightforward, just like it should be.

12V System with STEDI Lighting:

We’ve included a Canero "Entry Level" 12V system with external STEDI lighting. This setup ensures you have the power you need and the lighting to see what you’re doing at any time.

Bushman 85L Upright Fridge:

Keeping things cool is easy with the Bushman 85L upright fridge. It’s efficient and spacious, perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold on camping trips.

Our first Silverado 1500 tray is built tough for the rugged demands of Country Australia. It combines practicality with quality, ensuring you have everything you need for your adventures or work. At Canero Industries, we’re proud to deliver a tray and canopy setup that stands out for all the right reasons.

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