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SR5 Hilux finished off with a Two-Tone Classic Tray!

Yesterday Jay came in from Hillston for a Classic Tray for his new SR5 Hilux.

Going for a two tone theme, the black ripple powdercoat contrasts very nicely with the colour coded toolbox doors, sideboards and headboard mesh. The ring polished stainless sideboard capping and infill strips match cleanly with the silver sideboards while offering great protection. At the rear we fabricated a custom stepped-in panel which came up unreal. A trundle draw is hidden behind the drop down door which was custom built with dividers inside.

Overall one of the cleanest Trays we have built, this thing is sure to turn heads once the lift, wheels and tyres go on.

Want to bring your custom tray ideas to life? Give us a call to discuss!

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