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Toyota RV Landcruiser Tray Build

This has to be the cleanest RV 79 series in Australia😍 Tony bought this very tidy example a little while ago, and all that was needed to complete the project was a decent tray. He decided he needed something that would do the rest of the ute justice, which is where we came in. All the bell and whistles are there, including double headboard, toolboxes with stainless doors, extra long trundle tray, stainless rope rail, stainless water tank, worklights, flashing beacon, colour coded paint and a 150litre stainless diesel tank integrated into the headboard. This tank was plumbed into the drivers side toolbox so he pull up onsite next to a machine, pull the hose out of the toolbox and pump diesel directly into the machine. . Overall one of our best builds yet, that is sure to catch anyone's eye👌


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