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Building your own Ute Tray or reconditioning a second hand Ute Tray? Our DIY Sideboard Kits make it easy for you to make your own Drop Down Sideboards and Tail Gate, coming with everything you need to fabricate these.

Tray Sideboard/Tail Gate Kits for DIY Tray Build

  • These DIY Sideboard Kits come with:

    • 3 x Mild Steel Folded Panels at 2400mmL x 230mmH
    • 6 x Hinge Kits with Nylon Bushes
    • 4 x Heavy Duty Adjustable Overcentre Latches
    • NOTE: These Kits are raw Mild Steel and will require powdercoating/painting after fabrication. The kits may have slight surface rust given the nature of the material, this is easily removed with sandblasting.
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