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Building your own Ute Tray or fitting out a second hand Ute Tray? Our Sealed Rear Drawer's are the perfect way to add a ton of dust proof storage to your Tray. The Double Sealed Lift Up Lid is secured with two latches and is gas assisted to aid easy access inside, while also providing the perfect built-in kitchen/work bench.


These Heavy Duty Drawers come ready to mount directly underneath your Tray with no welding or modifying of the Drawer needed. Rivnuts are located on the rear of the drawer, allowing you to mount a removable face plate to customise the look of the rear of the Tray.

Undertray Sealed Rear Drawer for DIY Tray Build

    • 1500mmL  x 800mmW x 180mmH Drawer
    • Built-in Adjustable Mounting Strips
    • 2 x Whale Tail Latch's to secure the Drawer
    • Built-in Licence Plate Mounting Holes
    • Gas Assisted, Double Sealed, Lift Up Lid, secured with Lever Lock's
    • Mounting points for rear cover panel, to integrate Drawer easily into Tray
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