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Canero Industries
Jakes 2016 N80 Hilux


✓ The Ultimate Weekender — Incredible Looks, Functionality & Durability


✓ A Ute Tray that Can Travel with You all over Australia, Turning Heads All the Way

✓ Aggressive Angled-In Toolboxes, Flares & Streamlined Look

✓ Installer Network across NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT

Standard Features:

  • Fully Welded Steel Construction

  • Single 3inch Headboard with Canero Mesh Infill  

  • Fully Welded 3mm Checkerplate Floor

  • LED Tail Lights: Two Round Maxilamps Combination Lights with Flush Mount STEDI Reverse Light

  • Sideboards and Tailgate with Heavy Duty Adjustable Over Centre Latches

  • Six Flush Mount Lashing Rings Integrated into Foor

  • One Piece Flared Mudguards and Canero Mudflaps

  • Space for Rear Facing Work Lights

  • Zinc Powder Primed for Ultimate Rust Protection

  • Powdercoated to your choice of colour (Personalised Two Tone Colour Schemes Available)

  • Reverse Camera and Sensors re-integration

Standard Dimensions:

  • Dual Cab Landcruiser 79, Hilux, Ranger, BT50, Dmax: 1800mmW x 1700mmL

  • Dual Cab Amarok: 1950mmW x 1650mmL

  • Single Cab Landcruiser 79 available

  • Space Cab Hilux, Ranger, BT50 and Dmax available

Optional Extra's:

  • 750mmL Tapered Undertray Toolboxes

  • Double Pipe Headboard

  • Premium Canero Headboard with Integrated Fuel Filler and Water Tank Filler Caps

  • 75mm x 75mm RHS Headboard

  • Personalised Headboard Mesh Available

  • LED worklights integrated into Headboard

  • Custom Built Stainless Steel Diesel Tank integrated into Headboard. Single Headboard is 40L and Double Headboard 75L

  • Rear Ladder Rack. Bolts behind Headboard when not in use

  • 40L Water Tank 

  • Trundle Tray. Option for Lift Up Fully Sealed Lid

  • 2pac Colour Coded Paint

  • Ring Polish Stainless Steel Toolbox Doors

  • Ring Polish Stainless Steel Sideboard Caps

  • Aluminium Floors and Toolboxes for weight saving available!

  • Customisation Available: Call today to discuss your ideas!

The Canero “Tourer” Ute Tray is the ultimate weekender. Designed to be the best-looking tray on the market with its aggressive angled-in toolboxes, flares and streamlined look, the Tourer will also last a lifetime just like our Classic trays. With a steel construction, powder coated finish and a massive list of options available the Tourer is not built just to look incredible, but to also be a functional and durable tray that will travel with you all over Australia, turning heads all way.

We take a massive amount of pride in every tray that leaves our workshop. With Canero Industries, clients know exactly what to expect - premium design and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional results.

What are you waiting for? Speak with our experienced and down-to-earth team today:

"Tough as nails, functional and looks the bees knees too" - Angus


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